Why was iShowSpeed was banned from Valorant?

Why was iShowSpeed was banned from Valorant?

April 8, 2022 Off By GamePOW
  • iShowSpeed, a very popular YouTube streamer of now 7 Million followers was banned from Valorant as well as other Riot Games video game titles after a months old clip of him having a verbal altercation against his own teammates, including a female player became viral.
  • Jake Lucky, an esports reporter, called out iShowSpeed’s actions as one of the sources of Valorant’s toxicity and was the reporter who made the iShowSpeed clip viral.
  • There are several sides of community reactions towards iShowSpeed’s ban – One side approving of Speed’s ban from Valorant as another way of protecting gamers from toxicity, especially women. Another side of the community is calling Jake Lucky a “clout chasing hypocrite”. Another side also approves of Speed’s actions being inappropriate as a streamer, but they do not want IShowSpeed himself to have his career ended over a verbal spat.

On April 7, 2022, a massively popular YouTube streamer of 7 Million followers iShowSpeed was banned from Valorant and other Riot Games developed titles after a months old clip of him verbally abusing several players, including a female player during a game of Valorant went viral.

Jake Lucky Calls out iShowSpeed

Esports reporter Jake Lucky, who is known for reporting drama and issues in competitive multiplayer shooter games particularly on Call of Duty, called out iShowSpeed for his behaviour in Valorant. This clip became a catalyst for iShowSpeed’s Valorant ban.

Esports reporter Jake Lucky calls out iShowSpeed by showing an old clip of Speed

With iShowSpeed’s verbal tirade becoming a widespread clip, Sara Dadafshar an employee from Riot Games responded to Jake Lucky’s report by banning iShowSpeed not just from Valorant but also from other Riot Games titles (eg: League of Legends) should Speed ever try to play them.

npcSara who works under Valorant has banned iShowSpeed

Lester Chen, who is the head of Youtube Gaming has also responded towards Jake Lucky’s callout of iShowSpeed. Simply stating that they will be investigating the streamer.

Lester Chen responds to Jake Lucky’s report, which will lead into an investigation for iShowSpeed.

Since Jake’s tweet and report, other people has also responded, condemning iShowSpeed for his actions which also includes other public figures.

Youtuber The Act Man responded with him simply saying that Speed needs help
Vitality’s Valorant head coach Tanizhq also responds, stating that Speed has never talked to women.

iShowSpeed’s Side of the Story

Since the viral verbal tirade, iShowSpeed himself has issued an short but concise apology, pointing out that the viral clip that was something that happened months ago, pointing out that he has changed ever since those events.

In iShowSpeed’s apology, he pointed out that during that situation, Speed was under attack by many racist trolls who were doing racist text-to-speech donations, including said trolls making fun of his dead auntie which caused him to have a really foul mood during that Valorant stream.

Speed apologizes for his actions, tagging Jake Lucky and Lester Chen

Other users have also called out Jake Lucky, the main person who called out Speed’s actions, for not showing the other side of the situation.

twitter user bengis urges Lester Chen to get a full understanding of the situation before issuing any sanctions or actions.

Keemstar has also expressed his own take with iShowSpeed situation as seen in his most recent episode of DramaAlert, in which he is pointing out that there is a large number of people who are accusing Jake Lucky of having a “racially motivated attack” against Speed.

Keemstar asked the audience via Twitter regarding Jake Lucky’s actions towards iShowSpeed.
In a recent poll, Keem asked the audience if Jake’s callout of Speed was something that was “racially motivated”. According to the statistics, even if 56.3% of the audience didn’t say Lucky was being racist, half of the audience thought that Jake Lucky was being racist.

Black streamer King Richard also has his take regarding Jake Lucky’s actions against iShowSpeed where he responded to Jake’s tweet. Richard also pointed out that Jake held back a lie detector test.

Twitch megastar Asmongold has also offered up his own take regarding the iShowSpeed situation:

“Ban him in Valorant for sure, because he did break the rules absolutely. This is what people want right? They want to be able to exert power and punish people.”

I think a much better story is the guy says, ‘Hey listen, I was an a**hole a few months ago. I’m a kid, I’m still learning I’m not acting like that anymore and I’m trying to do a better job, I’m sorry.’ I think that’s totally f**king fair, and for the people that think it’s not fair, I wonder what it would be like if we put a camera on what you did whenever you were 17 or 19 years old.

You’re full of f**king sh*t, you’d be canceled worse than him! Shut the f**k up

Asmongold’s take on the iShowSpeed situation has him slamming all of those who want iShowSpeed to be banned from his streaming career. He points out that anyone cancelling Speed for actions he did months ago and has apologized for ever since is unfair towards the young and popular streamer.

King Richard, also points out that Speed’s actions were definitely wrong, and people at speed’s age will “say and do dumb things”

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iShowSpeed’s future

iShowSpeed recently did a stream titled “STAY POSITIVE” where he told some stories to his audience while doing a variety of activities

After showing both sides of the community regarding iShowSpeed, people have their own opinions and thoughts regarding what should happen to him.

Ultimately, YouTube gaming will have to decide whether or not iShowSpeed should still be streaming on their platform or not. As of this posting, iShowSpeed’s YouTube channel is still active in the platform. Regarding Speed’s ban from all Riot Games based video games, iShowSpeed still has plently of games and activities for him to stream for his 7 Million followers, should he be able to keep his channel after Youtube decides what should happen to him.

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