Tips to improve your Rules of Survival gameplay

Tips to improve your Rules of Survival gameplay

September 26, 2019 Off By GamePOW

Everybody wants to be the best so they can be the last one standing but how are you going to accomplish that if you don’t know how to survive? Killing your opponents isn’t the only way to survive the Battle Royale genre. It’s also a battle of wits.

Use headphones

It’s always better to wear headphones. Headphones gives you the best feedback to hear those quiet sounds of footsteps coming up to you. Also, it will help to drown out the outside noise and you can focus on the game to kill anyone who dares think they’re brave enough to step up against you. 

Stay prone and find cover

This is a shooting game. If there is cover available, use it. Don’t allow your body to be exposed to enemy fire. Utilize objects and the map to keep yourself hidden while keeping an eye on the enemy. Your aim is nothing if you can’t see them and they can see you. When looting an enemy, make sure to loot fast and hide.

Be on the move

Always be on the move as well. Being on the move prevents you from getting caught. It also prevents the zone from catching up to you. Try not to run on open fields much either. Make sure that when you’re moving to one place to another, you use houses and objects for cover. If you do plan to cross big open fields, try to find a vehicle. It will offer you protection and take you to the place faster. It’s loud and attracts a lot of attention so be prepared for some gunfire coming your way.

Find your best control setting

Normally every game starts off with your own default control setting. This might work for some players but it may not work for you. Try out different control settings and see which best suits your playstyle, your desk set up and your gear. Your desk set up may a small space for mouse movement or a very big one. You might need to adjust your sensitivity controls to have the best suited sensitivity in accordance to your desk space and to what you’re comfortable with. Your peripherals also need to be considered when fixing your settings. Your mouse and keyboard might not be suitable for certain settings or the opposite. Your mouse might have a lot of buttons and you’re not utilizing it. It’s a waste for buying a gaming mouse and not utilizing it’s full potential. The same goes for your gaming keyboard. Gaming peripherals aren’t just about RGB!

Having an easy access reach to these buttons on your mouse can make or break you in a gun fight where the one who has the fastest response time and aim wins.

Loot other items

These are very important items that you will need in the game just has much as a weapon. A backpack will allow you to carry more stuff like ammo, meds, attachments and more. Helmets gives you protection to your head. This will prevent enemies from killing you with a headshot if you’re careless to showing your head. A better helmet means increase in damage reduction. Armor also gives you damage reduction on your body. Med kits are a must when you’re low on health. These come in very handy to bring that your health back up after a gun fight. 

Try to stay at the zone’s edges

One of the most important things to remember when playing Rules of Survival or any Battle Royale game is to always pay attention to the zone.

During the late game, the worst place you would want to be is the center of the zone. You will be a target for everyone else in the zone with you. The best place you can be is at the zone edges where you can possible have a good view of those in the zone with you if one of them choose to foolishly go in the center.        

Stay away from bombing zones

Occasionally, there will be a message on your screen that reads “You are now in the bombing zone!”. You should get inside a house as fast as you can. If you stay outside while in a bombing zone, you have the chance to be hit by a bomb. This will cause you to die instantly. Dying in a bombing zone is one of the worst ways to die since you can’t really do much against it. 

Make sure to always heal

No matter what, you should always heal up if you can. That little extra health will probably save your life and win you a gun fight. You need every advantage to win. Even if you win a gun fight, if another team decides to join, your already low health can result you losing your next gun fights so make sure to heal up after every gun fight. Just make sure you don’t heal out in the open!

Choose the best server closest to where you are

There are numerous servers to pick from. Choose the right one closest to where you are. A lower ping will greatly increase your gameplay and reaction time. It will also prevent you from raging. The lower the ping, the better.

Playing in a laggy server is a waste of time. No matter how good your aim is, if you have massive lag, you will lose most of the time. Even pro-players don’t play in laggy servers, you should do the same and avoid it.

Choose the best gear you find and throw away the worst

The only gear you should be collecting during a match is a helmet for added protection and a backpack since it gives you more room to hold supplies. That backpack will always be an essential item since it’ll house all the extra ammo and med kits needed to fight until the bitter end.

You can only carry so much, so refrain from carrying ammo for weapons you don’t have and other unnecessary items. Helmets, backpacks and armor has 3 levels, Level 1 being the worst and Level 3 being the best. Always exchange level 3 equipment for your worst ones and don’t keep your old ones as it will only eat space in your backpack.

Before jumping off, look for the best spot for looting

There is no reason for a player to stay in an open field unless you want to rambo yourself to victory. And that’s if you even reach it. It is useless to stay in open fields where there is no loot. Try to land to the best places for looting before the enemy. However, the most popular places where the best loots are, are also the first choices of most players. Unless you’re prepared for a gun fight and you loot fast, try to drop in areas where most players don’t drop so you can avoid unnecessary gun fights. The loot isn’t the best but you can upgrade your loot once you kill players and explore other areas of the map.

Utilize camping 

Camping is usually looked down upon but it does increase your chances of survival. If you don’t want to deal with a lot of confrontation, you can stay away from gun shots and hide. This a way to play safe and get the to the late game. Avoiding enemies will increase your survival rate. While hiding you can also camp other teams.

Camping is roughly hiding in one spot waiting for an enemy to pass by to get the jump on them or just to stay out of the view of enemy players until it gets to the late game.

Another way to utilize camping is to wait for 2 teams to battle it out and once the winning team is healing up or looting the dead bodies of the other team, that’s when you attack them. This would catch them off guard and with low health. You will easily win the gun fight with this tactic.

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