Creator of First Custom PS5 Slim Accidentally Broke it

June 21, 2022 Off By GamePOW
  • A tech YouTuber named DIY Perks created his own world first PS5.
  • He removed the huge heatsink and power supply of the original PS5 and replaced it with his own custom slim water cooling system with power supply drastically making it smaller than the original.
  • However, the custom PS5 slim broke by a slight mistake on his part.

Sony‘s newest console the PlayStation 5 just came out at end of 2020 and they have yet to officially release a slim version. The nexgen console that brings to life the newest AAA titles however is a massive and bulky machine.

Usually Sony releases a slim version after a few years of the original’s release. Enter YouTuber DIY Perks, the titular do-it-yourself YouTuber made a name for himself by creating custom hacks, gadgets and of course modded machines of the original such as Sony’s PS5.

He has made a “breathing PC“, a dual screen laptop, a smart mirror, a portable PC with 3 screens and many more. Of course these are big projects that require a lot of time and of course a massive budget not everyone can create. DIY Perks also makes content that the average user can create easily such as the DIY Home Security System.

DIY Perks has made a slimmer version of the PS5. Previously he made custom cases for it such as the “high-end PS5” made out of brass that looks like royalty and a “stealthy PS5” that looks like an old school wooden box.

He started out by taking off its massive and bulky case revealing the motherboard and it’s power supply. The reason the PS5 is so big is because of its massive heatsinks as well as the bulky power supply.

He started off with the motherboard removing it’s big heatsinks and creating a custom water-cooling system for the motherboard. It not only cools the processor but also the parts of the system.

Custom PS5 water-cooling system © DIY Perks

He used copper sheets and built a custom water-cooling channel system that channels the liquid coolant through the processor and the rest of the motherboard to cool it and prevent it from overheating.

Since he’s not using the built-in heatsinks anymore, he has managed to shrunk the PS5’s motherboard. However, he’s not out of woods yet, he still needs to power the system and the current power supply of the PS5 is too big.

Custom PS5 PSU with cooling system © DIY Perks

He opted to go for a small PC power supply and put it in an aluminum case that also houses the cooling system where he will put the liquid coolant that will enter the custom cooling system. Though it’s not the prettiest, it’s not meant to be seen. He will hide the bulky power supply behind a TV.

And that’s it. Only left to do is turn it on.

Which is where things go downhill as it does not boot up. As it turns out he only needed to bypass the power button for it to boot up. He would now have to stress test the system to make sure it does not overheat.

Custom PS5 PSU fell to the floor © DIY Perks

And this is where things went from bad to worse. His custom power supply had fallen to the floor therefore blocking the intake which overheated the PS5.

With the PS5 overheating, it now does not turn on which he assumed has bricked the PS5’s motherboard rendering it useless.

However, his sponsor dbrand a company that makes custom cases, skins, protectors, etc. for devices has sent DIY Perks another PS5 for the b-roll videos. He literally removed the motherboard again from the second PS5 and used it as a replacement.

Learning from his mistake, he also added thermal probes to monitor its temperature and voila!

Custom PS5 Slim Temperature vs Original PS5 © DIY Perks

The new system boots up and as an added bonus is even cooler than the original PS5! Take notes, Sony!

Reading the comments, users say that the first PS5 isn’t necessarily dead yet. They have said that the PS5 not turning on after overheating is a failsafe and that it would turn back on after a while. DIY Perks however still has not confirmed if the first motherboard still works.

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