Sneaky steps down as a player for Cloud9 and will not play competitively anymore

Sneaky steps down as a player for Cloud9 and will not play competitively anymore

January 16, 2020 Off By GamePOW

When you say Cloud9, you have to mention Sneaky. Sneaky has been with Cloud9 since its inception with the original 5.

Since then, Sneaky has achieved superstardom not just as a player but also a cosplayer, a hot genderbend cosplayer actually. He has achieved feats in the esports scene with 2 LCS titles and has appeared in worlds 7 times as well. You could say Sneaky was a backbone and a core group of the team.

However, today Cloud9 has just announced that Sneaky will be stepping down as a player for the team. The good news is that he will still continue being part of Cloud9 and he sure will still be active in the scene, just not as a player.

Cloud9 has stated that Sneaky will be focusing more as an independent full-time streamer and will still be connected with Cloud9 in an “owner and advisor capacity”.

Cloud9 adds, “Although he won’t be in the competitive circuit for the time being, he will continue to keep all options open in the future. We are grateful for what Sneaky has helped Cloud9 achieve and we will support him as his career begins its next chapter”. So it is still possible to see him in tournaments in the future.

This is what Jack Etienne, CEO and Owner of Cloud9 has to say.

“Working the last seven years with Sneaky to build what Cloud9 has become was an incredible experience for me. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him as a player and I’m excited that Sneaky has made the decision to stay on as an owner and take up the additional responsibilities of being an advisor at Cloud9. We’re both looking forward to the successes to come!”

— Jack Etienne, Cloud9 CEO & Owner

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