Twitch Streamer Who Had Sex Live On Stream Is Now Unbanned

Twitch Streamer Who Had Sex Live On Stream Is Now Unbanned

September 6, 2022 Off By GamePOW
  • Twitch streamer Kimmikka is back again on Twitch after having her ban lifted in just 7 days. She is even streaming right now at the time of this writing.
  • Last August 24, she was seen clearly having sex while she was live on the platform and talking to her viewers.
  • The clip circulated on both Reddit and Twitter which resulted in her ban.
  • However, it was reported that her ban is only for 7 days which resulted to some users like Jidion and Hikaridesuwu to call out Twitch about their indefinite suspension.

The Twitch streamer who has been banned last week for secretly having sex while being live on stream and talking to her chat has been unbanned. It has only been a week or just 7 days and the streamer is back again on the platform.

Some time on August 24, Kimmikka went live on Twitch where she seemingly was having a Just Chatting stream but something was off by her camera angles, the way she was positioned and something was reflecting on her windows.

It was evident to the audience watching what was clearly going on and on one clip, her partner was reflected on the window which showed what he was doing.

A clip began to circulate on the Livestreamfails subreddit and soon also on Twitter which eventually caused her ban. The ban however wasn’t as severe as it was reported earlier this week that her ban will only be 7 days.

And after 7 days, the ban was indeed lifted and she is now free to stream again on her Twitch account.

It was reported that the reason why Kimmikka’s ban is not indefinite nor permanent was that while she was clearly having sex on stream, no explicit content appeared on her stream.

Despite the negative attention she received, she may even benefitted from the situation as her follower count has increased from 200 followers to 4.3k as of this writing.

Many complained about her 7 day ban however. Youtuber Jidion Tweeted earlier this week addressing Twitch for only giving Kimmikka a 7 day ban while he is still permanently banned from the platform.

Another streamer and digital artist, Hikaridesuwu who is now indefinitely banned on Twitch has called out the platform for having an indefinite ban because a troll put porn in her community game. She removed the stream and apologized to Twitch but has responded even saying “We have decided that your account will remain suspended due to your violation of our Community Guidelines.” and adds “Note: Attempting to evade restrictions placed on your account may result in additional penalties, up to and including indefinite suspension.”
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