VALORANT Update on Act III: New Agent and Map

VALORANT Update on Act III: New Agent and Map

October 9, 2020 Off By GamePOW
  • Icebox is the 6th Valorant map.
  • Skye, a new agent including her ability set, is leaked by data miner.
  • New cosmetic weapon skins for some guns on Act III.

Riot revealed a new Valorant map on October 6 and an Agent was leaked by data miners weeks before its announcement.

New Map- Icebox © Riot Games

Icebox, a frozen tundra and the 6th map of the game, will launch in Act III next week. There are metal shipping containers and ziplines to be seen in what appears to be the center of the map.

Take a sneak peek of the map with the teaser trailer below.

On the other hand, Skye, a new agent, is set to be released weeks after the map launch. The skill set and agent look was uploaded on Twitter by data miner FloaxY.

Agent Skye © Riot Games

The table below is a breakdown of Skye’s abilities. It is subject to change before her official release.

Ability KeyAbility NameCredit CostAbility
EGuiding Light100 The player equips a Hawk trinket to guide it with the crosshair and can can be reactivated again in the air to transform it into a flash
QTrailblazer200The ability equips a Tasmanian tiger trinket when activated. The player will directly control the trinket and can press the fire button to cause it to leap forward which will cause a concussive blast that will directly damage hit the enemies
CRegrowth200This ability equips a healing trinket. It heals all allies in range and line of sight until Skye’s healing pool is depleted. She can’t heal herself
X (Ultimate)SeekerIt equips a Seeker trinket that fires three Seekers when used. It will track down the three closest enemies and near sights them

Cosmetic weapon skins for the Guardian, Ares, Phantom, Classic, Stinger, Shorty, Ghost, and two new knife skins were also seen on the video. The new skins will likely be featured in the Act III battle pass or upcoming bundles.

Skye is set to be revealed two weeks after the beginning of Act III on Oct. 13. 

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