xQc banned from GTA NoPixel server for the 3rd time

xQc banned from GTA NoPixel server for the 3rd time

April 7, 2021 Off By GamePOW
  • For the third time, “Felix” xQc was banned from the famous GTA RP NoPixel for encouraging chat hoppers in the stream.
  • Chat hopping is when a streamer encourages his or her viewers to go to other streams chat.
  • He got banned from the server right after he said “thank god” when the chat hoppers asked if they can invade other streamers after getting a jail sentence that he disagreed with.
  • Some fellow streamers who got caught up in the mass chat invasion claimed to have been harassed by xQc’s viewers.
  • xQc tweeted about what he says is not always true and how no one should hate on people.

On April 6, popular Twitch streamer xQc got his 3rd ban from the GTA RP server named NoPixel. He has been known to get caught up in a lot of online and gaming drama that this gave no surprise from people. However, his latest ban might take a while for him to get back on the server since it got a lot of people around him furious.

Twitter: xQcOW/Rockstar Games

The first time xQc got banned was due to a violation of the server’s rules which pertained to him hitting other players with his car that was established to be prohibited by the server. The second ban was from when he used an unauthorized glitch to attack the police force in the RP game that were being played by actual players. The latest ban happened when he received a 244-months suspension from the police and encouraged his chatters to chat hop the other streamers who role-plays as the police force.

In the clip, you can hear him say “thank god” right when the chatters announced that they will voice his support for him in other channels.

As they started flooding twitch channels, harassment was not hard to see from their chats. One particular fellow streamer Kyle, who was roleplaying as an officer at that time, called out on to xQc’s viewers and shun them.

“You’re jumping from some guy’s stream to complain about something that nobody did, for somebody who doesn’t even know you f**king exist. You are a sad f**king idiot,” he remarked to one of the xQc fans in his chat. Clip here.

Despite the said situation, the reason for his ban has not yet been disclosed. A lot are speculating it was after the said line that and encouragement that he did to the chat since it can be considered borderline incitement of mass harassment.

He expressed his sentiments over a tweet after his stream on that day. He mentioned ‘DONT SPREAD HATRED ON ANYONE’ and ‘WHAT I SAY ISNT ALWAYS TRUE’ for his viewers. The apology seemed closely related to the incident and he admitted to his faults and asked for forgiveness. And while xQc has expressed regret for the misbehaviour that he had done, his repeated display of indifference towards the game servers and other streamers’ rules will likely take more than an all-caps apology for some to forgive him.

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