BTS referred to as “Chinese Backstreet Boys” angering the BTS Army

BTS referred to as “Chinese Backstreet Boys” angering the BTS Army

August 20, 2021 Off By JJ
  • BTS Army angered by a Dominican radio channel called Esto no es Radio for calling BTS as the “Chinese Backstreet Boys”.
  • The DJ also called the BTS fandom a “religion”.
  • The clip of the broadcast of the DJs speaking Spanish has made rounds on social media with many BTS fans criticizing the DJs comments.
  • The BTS fans have called the DJs racists and xenophobic for having no respect to BTS by calling them the “Chinese Backstreet Boys” adding the fact that the members of BTS are all Korean.
  • They have also added the #StopAsianHate to their posts.

Extremely popular South Korean boy band BTS and its astounding amounts of fans which collectively address themselves as “BTS Army” have been making waves in social media since BTS has become a household name, for better or for worse depending on one’s point of view.

Once again, BTS fans have found a new enemy within their rogues gallery of foes, a Dominican radio channel called Esto no es Radio, where in their most recent broadcast, one of their topics talked about BTS. One of the DJs jokingly referred BTS as “Chinese Backstreet Boys” and the broadcasters proceeded to talk about how many young people, especially female fans spend as much as “8 hours a day” listening to BTS.

The clip of the Dominican broadcast, which all of the speakers are speaking in Spanish has made rounds on social media, with many BTS fans wasting no time in publicly shaming the Spanish broadcasters for their remarks on BTS and the fandom.

BTS Army’s reaction towards the Spanish Radio Show’s remarks

BTS Fans have wasted no time in posting their public criticisms and shaming of the Radio show, accusing them of promoting racism, xenophobia, ridicule and potential hate of Asians, while calling for mass reports to cancel the show for their remarks and actions towards BTS and Asians.

Twitter user shares the clip of the Spanish broadcast talking about BTS, calling it “Chinese Backstreet Boys” and asking everyone to mass report the show. This clip is being shared by all other angry fans.

Another Twitter user shares the viral clip provided by another.

Twitter user shares their thoughts, calling the talk show hosts racist, xenophobic, and using the #StopAsianHate hashtag as well.

Another Twitter user accuses the show of not just being racist towards BTS but also against all Asians

Another Twitter user’s racist accusation against the Spanish talk show, calling them ignorant towards the differences between Korean and Chinese people, calling the DJs “disgusting and disrespectful”

As with any mass online reaction, uncivilized posts are also an occurence

Esto No Es Radio’s reaction towards the BTS fan backash

As for the talent involved in the talk show, they themselves have taken their own action in social media, posting now deleted remarks that defend their stance while openly mocking BTS and their fans.

One of the radio show hosts, Santiago Matias further made fun of BTS and their fans by changing his profile picture in twitter to one of the BTS members

Santiago Matias temporarily changed his twitter profile picture to a BTS member as a form of mockery against the boy band and their fans

Additionally, the official twitter account of Esto No Es Radio has acknowledged the recent attention the show has received, announcing that the show will launch a special episode dedicated to the topic and the reactions they have received. They have not issued any apology towards anyone involved.

A Twitter user speculates that the defamation and targeted harassment the talk show and its talent have received will be a likely topic of discussion.

The announcement of the special episode rather than issuing an apology has also been criticized by users

Twitter user states out:

“What are they looking for attention? They really are so racist and homophobic. They proved it yesterday and didn’t even let the Armys speak. That you lack values ​​and unethical you have it. In the fandom there are not only 13-year-old girls, we are also the oldest to defend them.”

Andrea Rodiguez’s tweet (loosely translated from Google’s Spanish to English tool)

A Twitter user warns the show by saying that “It will not have a stone to get into”, possibly stating that the show will get further hate should the special episode be aired.

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