Liyab Fofi was allegedly scammed by another Pinoy streamer named Damnationn

Liyab Fofi was allegedly scammed by another Pinoy streamer named Damnationn

October 2, 2019 Off By GamePOW

Liyab‘s AD Carry Fofi has made a post on her personal Facebook account regarding fellow Pinoy streamer named Damnationn.

A lot of streamers struggle to make a living out of streaming or being a content creator. Fofi tells her story in the post that she has been streaming for almost 72 hours a week for almost a year so she can prove to her family that she can make a living out of it. She continues saying that she was excited when she got her first donation. She says that instead of spending it on gear, she decided to invest on her channel with personalized emotes, stickers and overlays. She reached out to people and eventually ended up with Damnationn.

“Instead of spending it to buy gears or other things I decided to invest it to make my channel more friendly for my fans.”

Damnationn is a professional PUBG player who plays for Dont Peek Young Blood. He mainly plays FPS games such as PUBG, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege and occasionally some League of Legends.

Fofi then commissioned Damnationn. She has attached screenshots of their conversation on Facebook.

The screenshots showed that Damnationn was eager to start the commission and was waiting for Fofi to pay him. He also adds that he desperately needs the money for school.

Damnationn then claims that the delay of the commission was due to school. Now, it was Fofi who was waiting for the commissions.

Towards the end of their conversation, you can see that Damnationn has blocked all communication with Fofi. You can also see that Fofi was about to tell Damnationn that she will refund the payment but the message was not sent.

Fofi has paid Damnation 90 USD or around Php 4,599.00.

I've been working hard to get donations by streaming regularly in twitch and to better serve my viewers I opted to…

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Fofi says that this deeply saddens her, knowing that there are people who would do this. She also warns others to be aware of this incident. She adds that doing background checks before committing is also a good idea.

Fofi concludes her post saying she is still willing to commission someone for her emotes and stickers adding that she’s still willing to pay.

The post has since garnered a lot of attention in the Filipino gaming community with fellow streamers sharing and commenting on her post. They have also suggested to refund the money by filing a dispute on Paypal.

Another Incident

Another person also claims that he never got his commission from Damnationn. However, as of publishing this post, he has since deleted the post. Fofi has also shared his post and this person is also aware of Fofi’s situation.

We will not be adding more info to this as the person has since deleted the post.

Disclaimer: All screenshots belong to the owner and any statements on this post are not fully confirmed. The statements on this post are based on research done. If there are any inquiries regarding this post or you are one of the people directly affected by this incident, please message us on Facebook.

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