Uniqlo will be selling official League of Legends merch

Uniqlo will be selling official League of Legends merch

April 20, 2021 Off By GamePOW
  • Riot Games and fashion brand Uniqlo announced that they will be partnering for a League of Legends and Uniqlo collaboration.
  • Riot Games has announced the teaser on their official League of Legends Twitter and Uniqlo on their official Instagram.
  • Both brands that the collaboration will be “Coming Soon” and no other details were discussed.

League of Legends has recently teased on their Twitter while Uniqlo announced it on their Instagram that they will be doing a collaboration with fashion brand Uniqlo. There’s not much information about it but the post says “Coming soon” so we can be sure to have more details regarding this collaboration in the future.

Both Riot Games and Uniqlo posted a photo of K/DA Ahri wearing a casual K/DA top featuring “The Baddest” while sipping on a beverage.

The tees could be priced at around US$20 based on past Uniqlo UT collections.

This shirt itself could most likely be one of the designs of the brand partnership. We might even see other non-K/DA related merch as well.

But considering the popularity of K/DA it is understandable that they opt to choose them for the teaser poster.

Uniqlo has been recently been collaborating with various video game developers. They have just partnered with Nintendo for their Animal Crossing: New Horizons merch.

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