A Millionaire Wants to Create a Battle Royale Game in the Real World

A Millionaire Wants to Create a Battle Royale Game in the Real World

April 10, 2019 Off By Alecsanndra Gonzales

Are you up for the ultimate game of your life?

The Battle Royale Craze

Battle Royale Adaptations
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The Battle Royale concept has been around for decades. It is a coined term as a fight among combatants to be the last man standing and it’s been re-animated nowadays in movies, manga comics, and even in games.

It was first popularized in the movie with the same name. Battle Royale where a bunch of students are dropped in an island to fight to the death and be the last man standing.

In it’s countless re-animations, the following factors are constant: An eerie location (most commonly an isolated or private island), numerous deaths, and a lone survivor.

The Mysterious Millionaire

Unlike in the movies and the other re-animations where a government/organization or a game developer is behind the game concept, a mysterious millionaire is making a real-life Battle Royale. With his unreasonable fortune, he is definitely willing to give it away but with a twist: the deserving one shall be the lone survivor in his own real-life version of a game of Battle Royale.

The Game Prep

Anonymously, the millionaire is looking to set up a 3-day event with 100 hunters to fight on a private island. To make this possible, he approached the indirect guillotine-marketers of HushHush which is a London-based “luxury shopping marketplace and concierge service”. This shop is known for its essential items such as the bottled Everest oxygen and their crystal-encrusted vacuum cleaners.

Island in Tavarua, Fiji

HushHush is the one responsible in acquiring everything to make this vision come to life which includes the “arena” or the island, the game-maker, 100 capable participants, and the gears and weapons.

Partly Reliving the Game

Although reliving the “Battle Royale” concept is expected to have a dark turn like the ones we saw in movies, this millionaire is not going all the way to see the gory stuff.

Without a fear of the possibility of hosting an actual killing spree event, HushHush is seeking for the game-maker who can put their vision into a reality (and safely) by designing the “Arena”.

“We are looking for someone who can help design the arena for a 100-person battle royale inspired event.”

HushHush’s post on its request board via the Daily Star

To aid in their prevention for a killing spree to occur, participants of the real-life battle royale is said to be provided with only weapons like Airsoft guns along with a touch-sensitive body armor all throughout the 3-day event.

Airsoft team wearing a complete camouflage suit and protective gear

The project is expected to run an approximate of 6 weeks preparation and a whopping £45,000 contract for the chosen game-maker.

The Mechanics

For the time being, the millionaire stated the following things that is expected to be observed for the entire event:

  • The competition will run for an entire 12 hours of each day.
  • Food, camping gears, weapons and all the necessary equipment will only be handed once which will be before the 12-hour mark per day.
  • The other 12 hours of each day will be given as time to set up their individual camps and prepare for the competition.
  • The ‘last person standing’ will win a £100,000 jackpot.

The Risks

Image by Fotolia Olly

Although it seems like they’re coming up with all the safety precautions possible to prevent any unnecessary fatalities, there are other factors that can effectively make this exciting vision turn into the third sequel of the dark and twisted Battle Royale movie franchise:

Improvised primitive weapons made using everyday objects
  • The Participants: A spot-on screening of the participants should be done to prevent those who are not capable (mentally and physically).
  • Outside things: Although weapons are given before the competition, other valuables of the participants should be duly noted and inspected (just in case psychopaths or murderers happened to pass the screening).
  • Improvised weapons: This is self explanatory. A person with a great mind and special skills, when equipped with enough raw materials found in the environment, can wield a dangerous (possibly fatal) weapons.
  • The use of killer martial arts and survival skills: Fatalities may not be that common in martial arts but if the use of such skills is not forbidden, this “Battle Royale” concept may be turned into a weapon-less yet bloody “hunter games” version.

Will you take part of this real-life battle?

Despite all these factors and risks, it is evident that some (if not most) people, especially gamers (and probably psychopaths, murderers, etc.), find the idea of a real-life “Battle Royale” game a nerve-wracking and stimulating experience. (Don’t forget about the bragging rights and the cash money prize!)

Winner in the Battle Royale (2000) movie

Hence, the real question is: whether you want to prove your worth as the best gamer among your group or you want to show-off your physically fit body with an outstanding skill in any form of martial arts/weaponry, will you take part on this crazy vision of a ‘bloodless’ yet ‘dangerous’ real-life battle royale?

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