Kpop fans triggered after discovering Joji is Filthy Frank

Kpop fans triggered after discovering Joji is Filthy Frank

May 13, 2020 Off By syncdev
  • The hashtag #jojiisoverparty is trending all over twitter as Kpop fans are trying to cancel the musician.
  • Many of which are brand new fans of Joji who never knew about his Youtube past.
  • However, a lot of old fans already knew about this.

George ‘Joji’ Miller, one of the most popular music artists today, is being targeted by Kpop fans who just discovered Joji’s past. They have recently discovered Filthy Frank and Pink Guy, specifically Pink Guy’s offensive songs.


Being offended by his satire content, they have decided to cancel the musician by tweeting the #jojiisoverparty which also became trending.


Joji gained notoriety on the internet with his edgy and shock value videos. He has boundaries going as far as uploading offensive and even gross content. What started out as a joke became a huge success with Filthy Frank gaining a cult-like following from the internet. No one has ever done something like this and much to everyone’s surprise, even Joji himself, people loved it. So much so that they forgot that behind all the crazy characters, there’s a real person behind it. A normal sane person who is just like everybody else.

When Joji made the transition to his music career, a lot of people knew that Filthy Frank along with his other zany characters was a character made up by Joji. In fact, a lot of Filthy Frank’s fans were not as supportive of Joji’s music career. However, once it gained traction, a lot of them finally supported it. Joji also gained new fans who were clueless about his filthy past.

Joji’s music is very different from Filthy Frank as well as Pink Guy’s music. Joji’s music is melancholy, harmonic, emotional and even sensitive while Filthy Frank and Pink Guy’s raps were anti-PC, misogynistic, discriminatory, racist and just down right offensive.

Joji acknowledges Filthy Frank as satire

A lot of Filthy Frank’s fans however knew that it was satire and Joji even revealed his real self in one of his videos.

Even Joji himself acknowledges that Filthy Frank is a despicable character and is a satire of social media. He admits this in the about section of Filthy Frank.

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