Welcome to League of Legends Preseason 9

November 15, 2018 Off By JJ

With League of Legends Season 8 already over and a new season coming within a few months, it’s time for players to start preparing for the new season along with a string of upcoming changes that will be in place within the following months before the beginning of Season 9 which takes place in January 23, 2019.

Preseason Period

The Preseason period in League of Legends, as customary in League of Legends’ history is rife with many changes that every player has to be aware and ready with. There will be several changes to the game that players will have to prepare for such as some changes to the Runes System, reworks on existing runes, balance changes to champions, items, and other essential gameplay elements in League of Legends as the Preseason begins and before Season 9 launches all over the world.

Given that all players should still do their best and have a lot of fun experiencing what is in store for the future of the game and the future of everyone who wants to climb high and higher in their journey in Summoner’s Rift, there are still questions that will linger with every player as they wonder about their current place in the game and of their Ranked Rewards. Here are answers to such questions.


Q: Season 8 is all over but I can still queue into some ranked games. What’s the point of playing Ranked during the preseason if Season 8 is already over?

A: Even though your Ranked rewards are already locked in after November 12, you can still gain LP and MMR (Match making rating aka your win rate),  thus your division can still go up  or down depending on how you have been  performing (winning or losing) in your ranked games during the preseason. For example, if you ended the season at Silver 1 but decided to play ranked during the preseason to get into a higher rank such as Gold 3 then by the beginning of the next season, your ranked reset will be based on what you achieved reaching Gold 3 rather than you being on Silver 1. In other words, winning games and  climbing during the preseason will give you a head start when the next season begins.

Q: Is there a hard reset to everyone’s MMR when the new Season Starts?
A: No. There is no “hard reset”.  Related to the previous question and answer statement, climbing rank during the preseason will give you a head start when the next season begins.

Q: When does the next season (S9) start again?
A: On January 23, 2019.

Q: If this is the Preseason, where are the changes that people were taking about!?
A: The preseason will be introducing these changes as patches drop by, much like how previous seasons in League of Legends were. Expect big changes to the game within the next patch or so. Be aware of what they are and be prepared to adjust your game plan accordingly.

Q: What are some of the changes that I have to be aware of?
A: Riot Games has talked about many changes that will affect the game such as adjustments to the Rune System, reworking certain runes, balance changes to certain champions and items, changes to certain game play features such as turrets, jungle monsters, and other game play elements. Many of these changes will be happening within a span of a few more months before the start of the new season.

You can view  more of what the  game  will be like  during the preseason here  at Surrender at 20 (make sure to click “Balance Changes”).

Q: Where are my End of Season rewards? I do not have them yet!
A: Your account will receive your end of Season 8 ranked rewards on December 12, 2018.

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