Basshunter and Netflix revive Dota Song to promote Dota: Dragon’s Blood

Basshunter and Netflix revive Dota Song to promote Dota: Dragon’s Blood

March 31, 2021 Off By JJ
  • Netflix has collaborated with Basshunter to revive his old song back in 2008 called Dota.
  • This collaboration is to promote the new Netflix animated series Dota: Dragon’s Blood which is based on the game.

If you were a Dota player and a YouTube lurker back in 2008, you may have stumbled across a rather familiar and catchy music video about a Swedish man who just wants to play some Dota. Dota, being such an iconic and generation defining game, was capitalized by people coming from other sectors of media and entertainment that some musicians even made songs about the game. One particular musician is none other than Swedish DJ Basshunter.

Basshunter’s Dota Music video

Image credit: Basshunter
Dota by Basshunter, now hosted on his official YouTube channel.

Basshunter’s 2008 hit single and music video “Dota” features a young man, played by Basshunter himself as he is talked down by his strict mother to stop playing his video games and do something else. However, much like players who refuse to give up even when several takedowns behind, Basshunter just keeps playing despite his mother’s protests because he just loves to play some Dota.

As of this posting, Dota has a total of 43,866,583 views and counting should more people watch and listen to this song on Basshunter’s channel.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood

With the Launch of Dota: Dragon’s Blood on Netflix, Netflix has collaborated with Basshunter himself in order to add some promotional material for Dota’s animated show. With their collaboration, they produced a commercial for the Netflix Original.

NetFlix’s Dota’s Dragon Blood Commercial, in collaboration with Basshunter
Image Credit: Netflix

The new music video and commercial for Dota: Dragon’s Blood brings back BassHunter to perform in the music video, minus the strict mother who was telling him to stop playing his video games. However in the new video, we do see the mother now accept her much older son as seen in the pictures that Basshunter’s character was looking at before he started singing. Now, we see a much older Basshunter play Dota 2 with two other people while scenes and images from Dota Dragon’s Blood play in the commercial.

New faces as seen in the Basshunter Dota: Dragon’s Blood trailer and commercial

While the commercial does not feature a remix or a different song, since its only playing the first minute and a half of the original “Dota” song, it still feels nostalgic to see a memorable figure from the Dota community comeback and support Netflix’s Dota: Dragon’s Blood, while scenes from the anime are playing to form a fiery and nostalgic trailer to convince people to just simply watch this show if they want to see Dota seen in a different light.

Recently, Netflix also revived Filipino Dota song ‘Dota o Ako’ to promote Dota: Dragon’s Blood in the Philippines.

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