SKT wins the 2019 LCK Summer Finals

SKT wins the 2019 LCK Summer Finals

August 31, 2019 Off By Alecsanndra Gonzales

The three-time League of Legends world champions SK Telecom managed to go back from the bottom again as they win the second split this LCK 2019.

Way back 3 weeks ago SKT is sitting on the wildcard stage. They faced Afreeca Freecs wherein they won the match. They faced Sandbox Gaming in the Quarterfinals and swept them out and the same thing happened to Damwon Gaming, which led SKT to face Griffin in the finals.

Game 1 is too much for SKT as they sweep Griffin at the early minutes of the game, leaving their record with no deaths and close the game with 10 – 0 in KDA. Faker again gets back his Renekton mid lane with an Elise as their Jungle (Clid) that punished the opponent’s mid lane twice in the early game.

In Game 2, they have a pick that is weak in the early phase but greatly strong in the late game. Many thought that Griffin has the advantage but surprisingly, Khan’s Camille takes the first blood (vs Doran’s Gangplank). In this match, SKT played it slowly even though Ashe’s damage is pretty high especially in a 2v2 match up with Teddy’s Ezreal and Effort’s Braum (vs Tahm Kench as GRF Lehend’s support pick)

Effort surprisingly steals the baron and won the teamfight even without Khan, but he also takes the Nexus. Fans also going wild this time since it is very unusual for this kind of play in finals.

In Game 3, Griffin made some good plays to comeback into the game. They pick Shen as support and made it work. At the early minutes of the game, Griffin managed to lock down Khan. It is a tough game for Khan as he got 6 deaths and the only member who is currently feeding in the game.

Towards the later parts the game, Khan made a face check, which made him lose his life immediately before the team fight started. Even Teddy tried so hard to carry his team, it is not enough however.

Finally on Game 4, we see again a dominant SK Telecom that we just saw in Game 1. Khan and Faker worked so hard to lock down Doran and Chovy, where they kept dying every single time. It is so weird for them as a top contender to see a lot of mistakes and with the help of triple Infernal Drake, it is easy for SKT to punish them in team fights and win the game.

Now SKT is in the first seed which made them qualify for the worlds. It is also worth mentioning that the team will get their 8th trophy and even without Mata, they managed to go back into the playoffs.

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