Fnatic uses Garen-Yuumi in the bot lane to win the game against Vitality

Fnatic uses Garen-Yuumi in the bot lane to win the game against Vitality

August 11, 2019 Off By Alecsanndra Gonzales

It is very unusual to see in competitive play unorthodox champions like Garen because they’re usually not fit for team fights. However, in Fnatic’s case, they managed to pull out a Victory while using him in Bot lane.

At the early stages of the game, you can see that the bot lane duo is having some problems regarding their laning phase. And having Lucian as their opponent makes it harder since it is a hyper carry champion.

Jactroll’s Volibear makes it harder for Fnatic’s bot lane duo because of the engage plus the passive regeneration skill when Volibear is below 30 percent of health, thus making it harder for Rekkles to kill Volibear instantly.

Also, Bwipo’s Jayce had an early lead with a help of Broxah’s Lee Sin. He helped the team maintain its pace because of the wave clear and the pressure of the mid laner to Jizuke’s Sylas.


In team fights, Fnatic wins the trades since they have Jayce and Corki. They also have a tanky Garen with a Yuumi as a support.

Even though Rekkles started 0 – 3, they manage to pull the win following the mistakes that Vitality made when they trade the gank at the bottom lane for Infernal Drake.

Garen-Yuumi now has 100 percent win rate in League of Legends European Championship, and this composition might be used by some teams again in the future.

Because of the win, Fnatic secured themselves a spot in the playoffs.

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